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These shipping prices are for US customers only (including APO's), please contact Praiseworthy Books before ordering outside of the US

You can order And the Winner Is... through the mail, or with paypal.

Send checks or money orders to:

Praiseworthy Books
P.O. Box 85
Pocahontas Iowa, 50574-0085

If you want to order through the mail the cost of the booklet is $6.50 per book plus shipping and handling as follows:

1 book $2.00
2 books $3.00
3-5 books $4.00
6-35 books $8.00
35-75 books $20.00
More than 75 books Contact Praiseworthy Books for shipping information.

If you live in Iowa, you will need to add 7% sales tax to the cost of the book(s) only, so your cost would be $6.96 per book plus shipping and handling.

To order via Paypal click on the link below if you are buying 75 or less copies of And the Winner Is... Within the USA If you are buying 76 or more copies, or are not in the USA, then please contact Praiseworthy Books for Paypal ordering information.

$6.50 + Shipping