Praiseworthy Books: Endeavoring to help you find the best in literature for you children that meets the standards of Philippians 4:8


This is a book that would have a very high appeal to teachers and librarians in the Christian school market. I wish there would have been such a resource for me! This book is needed.

JoAnn Keenan
Language Arts Editor and former Christian school librarian

This is not just a booklet. Not only is it an annotated list of the Newbery books, but the authors give their opinions on each book, evaluating them for their suitability for young children and suggesting to us which books are valuable to read and which are a waste of time. Also included is a chart listing the Newbery books by historical time period....If you spend a lot of time reading aloud to your children, you'll probably want to have this booklet.

Laurie Bluedorn
Author of Teaching the Trivium: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style

I love your work and am deeply appreciative of it. I have already read your book cover to cover and have made up a list for my daughter to go to the library with. It has greatly aided me. I would suggest and encourage you to continue in your very valuable service to homeschoolers. Please keep reviewing books based on different lists. Your candor was greatly appreciated.

Marie Filion
Author of The Easy French A homeschool friendly French curriculum that is phonetically based.