Praiseworthy Books: Endeavoring to help you find the best in literature for you children that meets the standards of Philippians 4:8

Our Purpose:

Newbery Medal Winner books are heralded as the best in children's literature. But best according to whose standards? In our experience, some of these books are indeed high quality literature that has much to offer your children. Others are not worth your time; still others contain things to which you may not want your children exposed. There are Newbery books available for almost every period in history. But that is not enough--we want to know that our children are being exposed to books that fulfill the standards of Philippians 4:8.

Thus this booklet. It is intended to provide a guide to the many Newbery Medal Winner books out there, and some of the Newbery Honor Books as well. We even threw in a few extra books for good measure, ones that we have found to be "good reads." We hope you will find it a useful tool as you seek to expose your children to the best in children's literature.